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Uwe Boll is done making movies

The Raging Boll is no more, as legendary video game movie director Uwe Boll is done making movies.

Farming Simulator 17 review

Farming Simulator 17 is the best version to date, and if you’ve ever been curious about what the genre is all about, now’s the best time to experiment with something a little different. However, it’s not a title that will appeal to everyone. This is after all a game about watching digital grass grow.

Something Sombra related is supposedly happening on November 1

The community have dived back into the Sombra rabbit hole, and they’ve uncovered a date of significance – November the 1st

Xbox One is getting Dolby Atmos audio

Audiophiles rejoice! The Xbox One S (and the regular older Xbox One) is getting Dolby Atmos audio in a future update.

Nintendo revealing Switch price, release date and games in January

Nintendo have whet our appetites, but they’re only going to serve the second Switch course next year.

You can tame a robot dinosaur minion in Horizon Zero Dawn

The biggest appeal of Horizon: Zero Dawn at first glance is the weird fauna. Set in a lush world, the dominant species are machines, but the more we learn about them, the more interesting they get.

Microsoft is finally breaking into VR, but it’s not for gaming yet

Microsoft are getting their feet wet with VR finally, but they’re taking a more productivity focused approach for now.

Microsoft has revealed their $3000 Surface Studio PC

Microsoft revealed a new edition to the Surface family at their Windows 10 event: The Surface Studio PC. It’s so thin!

November’s PlayStation Plus games include a quaint village mystery and a tower full of monsters

The PlayStation Plus games for November have been announced – and they, once again, may not tickle everyone’s fancy.

Friday the 13th is returning for a more violent and fresh take on Jason

It’s been eight years since Jason Voorhees last made Friday the 13th a day to remember, but he’s finally returning to Crystal Lake.

Nintendo introduces The Splatoon Showdown Series

Let the Splatoon eSports craze begin!

The latest Humble Bundle is filled with gaming gems

For just $12 (or more), you can get the entire Humble Gems Bundle. It contains seven games that normally cost a whopping $115 in total!

In Other News – 26 October 2016

In Other News: Watch Dogs 2 pokes fun at scientology, Resident Evil brands some makeup for Halloween and this Moogle gameplay trailer is a decoy. Here’s the news we did and didn’t post today because we were too busy imagining the egotistical bundle.

PSA: Downloading community creations could corrupt your WWE2k17 saves

User created arenas, characters and championships could put your WWE2k17 saves at risk.

Civilization VI review – vincit qui patitur

Civilization VI is by far the best installment the franchise has seen to date, and it’s all because the game is more logical and intuitive.