Dead or Alive 5, Circus + Boob Physics

And Fight

There isn’t much that can be said about a gameplay trailer that shows us two people fighting in a circus ring while tigers run across at random intervals.

Actually, there is a ton that could be said about that but the trailer ended with a prolonged shot of the new Dead or Alive 5 boob physics and for some reason my brain just stopped working.

In all honesty Dead or Alive 5 is looking like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun and a worth successor the fantastic Dead or Alive 3 and pretty good Dead or Alive 4.

The game is planned to be released in September and will easily become my fighting game of choice as long as they don’t screw it up somehow.

Oh and those end moves look awesome, like a combination between Dead or Alive and Saints Row

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Author:Gavin Mannion

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